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Comfort zones and escaping said comfort zones

Recently I have been trying to stray away from the typical, chick-lit or dystopian novels. These genres have been my "comfort zone" lately. I've been reading them because I know I will enjoy them and will read them quickly. So, I've been thinking, It's time to escape the clutch of this "zone" or "rut" I've been trapped in for far too long.


I had just bought a new book that seemed slightly different to what I have been reading although sounded similar to a book I have read when I previously strayed away from the usual when my English teacher walks up to me and hands me a book, tells me I will enjoy it then continues on to explain how it is similar to the piece of writing I had done. Guess what. It was a dystopian. This was like the ultimate temptation so I had to postpone my adventure into the unknown to read it. I'm glad I did but now it's time to change it up.


I'm currently on book two of a five part series called "the power of five" written by Antony Horowitz and I'm really enjoying it. I admit, It's nothing hugely different to my normal, typical reading but it's still different. I think I will post an overall opinion once I've read all five books.


Later, I do plan to read more classics as it has been a genre I've been avoiding for a long time. I think I will start with the great Gatsby considering I am going to see the film soon. (have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio? yum) I also want to read Pride and Prejudist, or and Jane Austen to be honest.


Wish me luck on my expedition

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