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I believe in love at first sight. I mean, fictional characters count right?

My attempt to climb out of a reading slump


So I understand I've been away for a very long time however I have my reasons, they are as follows:


-I'm in a reading slump

- A lot of changes are going on and it's hard for me to deal with them

- I was recently diagnosed with depression

- I've had a tough time with self-harm


Bad things aside I'm okay and dealing with the reading slump I'm in is part of recovery.


So, in order to hopefully blast through some books I'm making a reading challenge for myself. As I'm moving i can't start my challenge until next month, however, it would be a good time to start. 


I'm planning to finish a series, start several series's and power through some of those pesky stand alone's.

My summer holidays also start in a few weeks so i'll have plenty of time.


So join me if you wish on a full month of reading commencing on the 1st of August (Woah it's August soon?) 


I'll be posting weekly updates ^.^

Happy reading

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Nightrise (The Power of Five, #3)
Anthony Horowitz
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