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5 books I want my children to read


This post is just something fun that allows me to share some books I'd like to pass on to my future child/ children. 


1. The Hunger Games

Purely so they realize just how damn lucky they are. Also so I can share my love for Peeta, Finnick, Katniss and Annie.


2. Harry Potter 

Harry Potter is one of the world's most treasured books so of course I'm sharing the magic with any future off spring I may have.


3. Winnie the Pooh 

This one is self explanatory. Every child should experience at least a bit of the Winnie action.


4. Goodnight Mister Tom

This book, I read in primary school and did a lot of work on. I thought it was an amazing book for my age at the time (about 10/11)


5. A series of unfortunate events

All 13 of them are wonderful and are in fact the books that made me want to read more. (Klaus may have won me over with his love for books)

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I couldn't find all of the hardbacks so I had to use the paperback picture 



Those are the top 5 books I want my children to read, I'd love to know yours :)

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